On the 29th of April we went on a school trip to London. After a 24-hour journey we got to the city centre of London by tube and we went to see the Westminster. After that we saw the regular army’s drill. At about 12 am we had a break, so we could walk around the Picadilly Circus. In the afternoon, we got to the London Eye. It was a great experience because we saw the whole London in front of us.Then we went to our families to spend the night with. They made food for us and we slept in their houses. The next day we spent morning at Madam Taussaud´s and afternoon in Greenwich. We saw the Prime Meridian. The last day, we went to the Towe Bridge and the Tower of London. We also got a break for lunch, so we could try great English restaurants. Then the bus drove us back to the CR. It was great fun and an amazing experience to go there!
                                                                                                                          Mira Krystýn a Martin Novotný, 8th grade
                                                                                                                          Lukáš Králíček (photos)


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